Carpet Steam Cleaning


Despite how hard you try, the carpets in your home will turn out to be victims of spills, drops and different accidents, and whatever you bring in with your shoes. So, eventually you will need professional carpet cleaning at some point.

Do you already need help with your carpets?

Let us introduce our company. We are a contractor operating in London and we are able to provide you with quality steam carpet cleaning, as well as with additional cleaning services, if needed. We can steam clean your rugs, your furniture or your mattresses, just name it. With us at your side, there’s nothing to concern, because our technicians are always equpped and disposed to start working on your tasks.

Hoovering is great everyday carpet care. But to keep it at top performance, it’s recommended to complete professional deep clean of your carpets once a year or every other year.

Cleaning the carpets is absolutly necessary to keep them looking new and fresh. Mostly, ground-in dirt is visible, but sometimes it may not be seen with an naked eye. Our cleaning specialists use hot water extraction method, which in simple terms means injection of cleaning solution into the carpet under pressure. The water and the detergent loosen and lift the dirt and debris embedded between the fibers, remove grease and oil deposits without the aggressive brushing of different cleaning methods. Lastly the machine extracts the water along with all the soil from the carpet.

Besides, you don’t have to worry about the drying time, because 95% of the moisture is suctioned out of the carpets. Say goodbye to grime, dust mites, other allergents and tiny contaminats hidden in your carpet core.

Our carpet cleaning service is fast, convenient and trouble-free and will make your carpets cleaner that they have ever been. Your home will be back to normal in a moment.