Professional Window Cleaning


When it comes to window cleaning, you’ll inevitably need help. If you want your windows cleaned from outside or need assistance with the hard to reach areas, our cleaning specialists are ready. We can wash the windows, as well as the frames and the sills. We will provide you with free estimate and you will see that our price is totally reasonable.

A big part of our job is by referral, which speaks for itself about the quality of our work. We gladly take care of our clients and they, in turn, are so thoughtful to share their recommondations.

Commercial window cleaning for bussinesses and retail stores could be scheduled at the most convenient time to avoid interruption of your customer flow. If you want to demonstrate professional appearance, this service should be fulfilled on a regular basis by specialists.

Window cleaning, doing it home alone, is effortful and time consuming task. If your house has numerous interior and exterior windows, be ready to waste plenty of time washing them. However, if you use professional cleaning service,you are free to invets your time in other, more enjoyable activities. As professionals, we have the equipment, manpower and know-how to make your windows sparlking and functional.

Our machines use pure water, which is basically tap water cleared of the minerals contained in it. This process is known as deionization. This allows the water to dry spot-free, cleaning the surface without the usage of chemical ingredients.

Our washing system is easy to operate, portable and highly effectice – a perfect fit for proffessional window cleaners. The reach of the water poles is up to 4-5th floor, if there are no terraces along the facade of the building.

The only thing you should provide is parking spot near the building, because our water system is in the van.