Regular Domestic Cleaning

No more boring house chores! We’ll send you a cleaner to do it for you.

As a professional cleaning company, we are able to provide you with various services, no matter one-off or cleaning on regular basis. When choosing a regular cleaning, you are freeing your time and an experienced housemaid is yet in charge of the tiresome household chores. Your home will be clean every day without any effort on your part.

Regular cleaning comprises ordinary household chores, such as vacuuming, dusting, cleaning the bathroom, srubbung the sinks and suchlike. But our maids could do even more jobs, if you request it – do laundry, do ironing, fold clothes, organize wardobes and drawers, feed dog/cat, water plants, washing the windows from within and more. Your home cleaner is at your disposal for everything to make your home neat and bright.

When you book a regular domestic cleaning, you choose how often and which days exactly you would like to use the service. We will send you a cleaner, who will follow your schedule, no matter whether you need the servise daily, weekly or fortnightly. You will have one and the same cleaner every time, and in case your cleaner is sick or on vacantion, we’ll send you a replasement. If you want to go on holiday, please let us know at least 48h in advance, so we could inform our maid to skip one or several sessions. If you need some extra hours or days of cleaning, just call us – we’ll arrange it when it’s suitable for you.

Keep in mind that you need to provide the cleaning equipment and detergents. That includes mop, broom, hoover, sponges, cloths and cleaning detergents of your choice. The chore checklist can always be adjusted to match your personal demands.