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Making your husband clean – the hardest cleaning chore

Make your husband cleanIn an experiment or an inquiry what the hardest cleaning job is, the answers must be very different and various. Some housewives will point hard floor polishing, because usually it can’t be done with a simple DIY project and professional company is needed. Others will tell you that bathroom disinfection and scrubbing the toilet seat are so revolting tasks that they actually become the hardest, too! Mattresses sanitising and windows cleaning from the outside aren’t easy housekeeping chores, either! However, you may forget one very substantial and very difficult task – making your husband clean and assist you in mopping, wiping and stain removal! To tell you the truth, this household chore sounds more an impossible than a harsh one. Though, if you play your cards well, you may eventually succeed in convincing your better half to be your partner in house sanitising, as well! See some good and sly tips for this task: Continue reading