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How often should you get your home professionally cleaned

How often should you get your home professionally cleanedHave you ever visited a home that looks so clean as if the hosts do nothing else, but cleaning every dust particle before it even touches the surface? If you have, you should admit it, that the fresh smell and the shiny surfaces are really impressive. Continue reading

4 Things Kitchen Appliances Are Trying To Tell You

Kitchen appliance maintenanceYou use your kitchen on daily basis, which means you are exploiting your kitchen appliances. As every other thing, appliances are prone to breakdowns. You should keep the guarantee card of every device you purchase. However, what happens when the guarantee expires? Well, you can call a technician to fix it or just buy a brand new one. In any case, you can try to predict future breakdowns of the kitchen appliance by simply looking at what they are trying to tell you. Here are some tips on how to tell if something is going to break or simply needs a partial replacement. Continue reading

House Cleaning Tips For Students

House Cleaning Tips For StudentsBeing a student is probably the time of your life. With so many options to learn new things for the world and for your future job occupation, as well as with the chances to have parties all the time, it seems that university brings more amazing challenges than duties or work. However, there are also some new tasks and chores you will have to get used to, too. Being away from home for the first time looks terrific only when it comes to the lack of control your parents usually put on you, but what about the housekeeping job? Are you sure you can handle all of those chores that in past your mother used to execute instead of you and sincerely for you? You will have to become capable to overtake the house cleaning London – regardless you live in a tenant or in shared boarding student housing. Here are some tips and directions you can start with in order to perform the domestic cleaning London quickly and efficiently without wasting your time and energy that are supposed for studying and having great university time. Continue reading

How to eliminate pomegranate stains with yoghurt

Eliminate pomegranate stainsPomegranate seeds are well-known for their multiple health benefits and sweet, crunchy taste. Unfortunately, when it comes to opening the fruit and removing those tiny, little seeds, it’s not a simple task to avoid squirting the juice all over your clothes. Be more careful if you do this and yet, if it happens to mess up your clothes, don’t panic. Try this little-known, but quite effective method. It will help you deal with pomegranate stains in just a few simple steps. Continue reading

Perfect hygiene in the toilette – mission possible

Perfect hygiene in the toiletteSanitary premises are the key priorities in keeping a home fresh, bacteria-free and clean. Though, there are still people, who believe that perfect hygiene in the toilet is difficult to be achieved. Probably, they just don’t know how to do it, because, as a matter of fact it is a total mission possible. By using our simple and budget-friendly guides you can do it, too – have the sparkling, sleek and fresh toilet at home!

  • Give your toilet deep and thorough treatment at least once per 2 months. Use commercial detergents with toxic-free ingredients and always air the premise.

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