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5 Big Ideas For Small Bathroom

Small bathroom tipsAre you having a small bathroom? Designing a tiny bathroom may seem a difficult and maybe an impossible task at first, but there are many  things you can do to make it more comfortable and functional. Moreover, the best thing is that you don’t have to do a home renovation. Home upgrade projects are very expensive and if the property is not yours and you live on rent, it doesn’t worth the bothering. However, you can check these useful ideas on how to create more space in your tiny bathroom. Continue reading

How To Fix A Leaking Roof

Roof Repair TipsAre you one of those people who constantly procrastinates house duties? Procrastination is a bad habit but still, many of us like to postpone the boring tasks around the house for the next day. Unfortunately, some problems like such as a leaking roof should be fixed right away or you risk damaging your property and therefore, your financial condition. If the leakage is severe, you will probably need the help of the professional roofing technicians. On the other hand, if the leak is not that serious, you can try fixing it by yourself and save a lot of money. Here are some useful tips and techniques for dealing with minor roof leakages. Continue reading

Daniel Jacob Radcliffe Advances In Property Sales And Improves His First Home

Harry Potter star gets into property sale businessDaniel Jacob Radcliffe, who is mostly known as the magician kid Harry Potter, has made a huge advance in property sales. It turned out that property market sounds like a really attractive magical spell for the young actor. He has already made his first purchases and sales. The results, as a matter of fact, are highly impressive. Being enhanced by the property trading, Daniel has recently decided to add his own first home to his agenda property sale lists: Continue reading

Home interior mistakes according to Feng Shui

Home interior mistakes according to Feng ShuiEven if you have followed the Feng Shui advice for proper circulation of energy in your home, there are some details of the interior, which certainly are not in place. The reason for this is that sometimes, carried away by trends of modern home furnishings, we somehow fail to create the desired atmosphere. In the same time you destroy the harmony that you so persistently try to achieve. That is why we have to make immediate changes in the interior of your home, to correct the most common mistakes according to the principles of Feng Shui. Read carefully the lines below: Continue reading

Winter is coming, make your home cozier

Winter is coming, make your home cozier It’s almost winter and you need to make home improvements? Concentrate on a fireplace image and see what you can do to transfer part of its coziness right in front of you.

    • Keep the cold outside. Start with the drafts from the door. Use draft stopper to put behind the door. It looks like snake that has swallowed rolled carpet. You can find them in the stores in different patterns. There are also special ones for children’s room – with animal head in the end and matching “body” coloration.

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Important features of every Italian home

Italian styleLuxurious, chic and glamorous – that is what Italian interior style is. If you want to get close to the Mediterranean atmosphere from the comfort of your own home, then you should be aware of some essential details. We have summarised them for you:

  • Amplify the feel of Italy, by adding to the interior curtains in pastel colors, crocheted bright tablecloths and elegant brass lamps. Bright marble is typical of the Mediterranean style. Of course, the marble columns in the flat are absolutely irrelevant, but the exquisite figurines and vases are very good addition to your interior. Open spaces are a significant feature of Italian homes as well. They will bring lots of daylight inside;

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How to create the ultimate ‘homework station’ for your kids

Homework stationMany interior designers claim that the kid’s room should be in the same style you have chosen for the entire home. But as the child grows and changes, so his/her room must undergo some changes, too.  For example, when he/she is already a student, you should organise a ‘homework station’. Here are some tips on how to create the ultimate one: Continue reading

Would you choose jet black for your home interior?

Black accents in your home interiorMost commonly, the black colour is associated with darkness, fear, depression, etc. But that is not the right point of view! Black can cause positive emotions as well. The most important is its rational use, as well as the correct combining with other colours. Would you choose jet black for your home interior? If yes, then take a look at our pieces of advice: Continue reading

Organise a gallery wall in your sweet home!

Organise a gallery wallWall bedecked with many paintings, photographs and even mirrors can be a real showcase of art! It will immediately become a stunning accent in the decoration of your home. In order to organise a nice gallery wall, you need to arrange your pictures/photos carefully. Pay attention to the layout of the composition, when you already have all the artwork available. Basically, the idea is the wall to look like you have been adding the new pictures/photos with the passage of time. Still you should have them in advance. Here are a few helpful tips: Continue reading

Make the kid’s room studying-friendly

Make the kid's room studying-friendlySince the school days are coming, you can start organising a new studying space for your kids. Imagine their excitement of having a bright and lively, looking good place where they will spend hours doing their homework – this will certainly encourage their achievements. But of course if you want to boost your kid’s creativity, you should boost your own first. So check out the amazing and interesting ideas how to make the perfect studying area for your child. Continue reading