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House Cleaning Tips For Students

House Cleaning Tips For StudentsBeing a student is probably the time of your life. With so many options to learn new things for the world and for your future job occupation, as well as with the chances to have parties all the time, it seems that university brings more amazing challenges than duties or work. However, there are also some new tasks and chores you will have to get used to, too. Being away from home for the first time looks terrific only when it comes to the lack of control your parents usually put on you, but what about the housekeeping job? Are you sure you can handle all of those chores that in past your mother used to execute instead of you and sincerely for you? You will have to become capable to overtake the house cleaning London – regardless you live in a tenant or in shared boarding student housing. Here are some tips and directions you can start with in order to perform the domestic cleaning London quickly and efficiently without wasting your time and energy that are supposed for studying and having great university time. Continue reading

Top Guarantees To Get Your Tenancy Deposit Back

Hacks to get your deposit money backRemoval brings the duty of a decent and top-to-bottom purge of the property, so you can leave it in a presentable condition. To be honest with you this is the hardest task of the moving out program. Know that if you fail in the end of lease cleaning {place name}, you will risk your tenancy deposit. So, make sure that the inventory check will go smoothly! To do so, we provide you our top guarantees to get your tenancy deposit that are, of course, closely connected with the sanitising tasks you will need to strictly and finally execute. Continue reading

Moving out – top 5 hacks

Moving out - top 5 hacksMoving to a new home is a huge challenge for both your nerves and your organisational skills. There are so many details to arrange. Meanwhile all the other obligations as work and family are still waiting for your attention. Actually, you can cope with this stressful situation if you follow some rules. Check out these top 5 hacks for smooth and hassle-free removal:

  • Packing your baggage. Here the key factor is organisation. Get yourself some boxes, old newspapers and bags. Then start packing stuff room by room. On each box you can write with marker the main things it contains. In addition you can also attach a colored label to mark boxes of every room. For example – blue label for the bathroom, red for the kitchen, green label for the living room, etc.

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Repairs required – damage caused by landlord

Repairs requiredAs any other flat or apartment, a rented property might get damages, defects or some break-downs. There is nothing eternal in life, so your own home places – including, when you rent it – might cause you some worries. Of course, in this way you need to consider making repairs. Though, the special thing about the rented properties is that the repairs might be perfectly done. Eventually, it could be difficult to consider who needs to bear the penalty from the bad job. See more details about this issue, when it comes to damages, which your landlord is guilty about:

  • The repair might be done even before you have moved into the house. Any landlord, who had preferred to deal with a broken window or with some leaks by his own, takes the responsibility on mandatory. It could be quite difficult for you to prove your landlord’s guilt. That is why it is very important to be very careful during the inventory check before moving in.

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Pre moving in advices

Pre moving in advicesYou have been through a lot: browsing; viewing; choosing; offering; paying holding deposit; passing referencing checks and arranging move in date. All seems pretty finished. Well, not at all. Usually the day you move in is the day you move out from your previous home, this offers a hundred of ways for confusions. What you can do to avoid them? Prepare yourself. How exactly? Continue reading