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Moving out – top 5 hacks

Moving out - top 5 hacksMoving to a new home is a huge challenge for both your nerves and your organisational skills. There are so many details to arrange. Meanwhile all the other obligations as work and family are still waiting for your attention. Actually, you can cope with this stressful situation if you follow some rules. Check out these top 5 hacks for smooth and hassle-free removal:

  • Packing your baggage. Here the key factor is organisation. Get yourself some boxes, old newspapers and bags. Then start packing stuff room by room. On each box you can write with marker the main things it contains. In addition you can also attach a colored label to mark boxes of every room. For example – blue label for the bathroom, red for the kitchen, green label for the living room, etc.

  • Cleaning. Packing luggage, when you move to a new tenement is the perfect time to clean up your home. Get rid of unnecessary things – some of them you may get rid of, others to sell, third to give away. The same rule goes for the closet – you will surely find at least 2-3 clothes that you haven’t dressed and have no intentions to do so. Don’t doubt to lighten your luggage and to put a fresh start in your brand new home. Remember to arrange the visitation of the post tenancy cleaners in advance.
  • Think about the future. When you pack your clothes from the closet, put in another bag or box several combinations that you will need for the next few days. Clearly, to arrange your belongings, you will need some time. Instead going between boxes in the morning, wondering where you blouses, better prepare them in advance. The same goes for cosmetics – in a separate pouch collect necessities for the coming days.
  • DIY. Here applies the same principle as the clothes. Normally when you move to a new home, you have to mount or remove the equipment and furniture, so it is nice if the tool kit is always at hand. Perhaps steam carpet cleaning will be necessary before you install your rugs in the new home.
  • Flowers care. Take up the flowers when you have already exported almost everything from home. Since most plants are sensitive and do not tolerate change it is nice to think in advance where you will place them in the house. In a box you may collect smaller pots and in individual bags you can put other plants.

Good luck with the removal. Stay calm and remember that you can cope with that task.


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