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How often should you get your home professionally cleaned

How often should you get your home professionally cleanedHave you ever visited a home that looks so clean as if the hosts do nothing else, but cleaning every dust particle before it even touches the surface? If you have, you should admit it, that the fresh smell and the shiny surfaces are really impressive. Continue reading

5 Big Ideas For Small Bathroom

Small bathroom tipsAre you having a small bathroom? Designing a tiny bathroom may seem a difficult and maybe an impossible task at first, but there are many  things you can do to make it more comfortable and functional. Moreover, the best thing is that you don’t have to do a home renovation. Home upgrade projects are very expensive and if the property is not yours and you live on rent, it doesn’t worth the bothering. However, you can check these useful ideas on how to create more space in your tiny bathroom. Continue reading

6 Healthy Habits To Learn From Modern City Girls

Modern Girl's Healthy HabitsModern city girls are not what they used to be – eating on their go, skipping important cosmetic procedures due to lack of time or having issues with their personal relationships. On the contrary, today’s modern girl from the big city finds time for all the important things that matter to her and her life. Moreover – we can definitely learn something from these girls and make our lives as proper and exciting as theirs are. See the 6 healthy habits to learn from modern city girl now: Continue reading

4 Things Kitchen Appliances Are Trying To Tell You

Kitchen appliance maintenanceYou use your kitchen on daily basis, which means you are exploiting your kitchen appliances. As every other thing, appliances are prone to breakdowns. You should keep the guarantee card of every device you purchase. However, what happens when the guarantee expires? Well, you can call a technician to fix it or just buy a brand new one. In any case, you can try to predict future breakdowns of the kitchen appliance by simply looking at what they are trying to tell you. Here are some tips on how to tell if something is going to break or simply needs a partial replacement. Continue reading

When Your Wife Is Not A Good Housekeeper

I'm your wife, not your maid

We all love our houses to be spotless at all times. But let’s admit it, housekeeping isn’t for everyone. Cleaning your house is sometimes a job for the professionals or maybe both spouses are too busy with their careers. In that case the question is – what you should do if your wife isn’t a good housekeeper? Well, you can try to communicate with her and try to find the root of the problem and discover the answers together. Here are some tips on house cleaning that could come in handy for you: Continue reading

A Decent Cleaning Company Will Reduce Your Housekeeping Job With Up to 75%!

A Decent Cleaning Company Will Reduce Your Housekeeping Job With Up to 75%!There always comes a time, when we just cannot go on living in a mess, trying to grow in the career and make everything possible to raise good kids. This is when life becomes too busy and you need to rearrange your priorities. Different people choose different things for their agenda goals, but when you can benefit of professionals to do your job instead of you, it becomes even easier to choose what dreams to chase. And if you dream is to build and maintain a decent living space, hiring a reputable cleaning company Bromley is the right way for the accomplishment. Continue reading

Top Benefits Of Regular Office Cleaning

Pros of office cleaningWhen was the last time you felt fine at work? And when was the last time you felt really homey there? If your working environment looks like a hell and there are dirt, dust and stains all over the entire building, there is just no chance for you to be comfortable there. Moreover – the more you exist in this office space, the worse your working results will be. The conclusion is obvious – you need to rely on regular office cleaning London. If you haven’t ever considered it yet, then it is high time for you to make such a decision. Or before that check out all the benefits of using such cleaning services London now! Continue reading

Top Guarantees To Get Your Tenancy Deposit Back

Hacks to get your deposit money backRemoval brings the duty of a decent and top-to-bottom purge of the property, so you can leave it in a presentable condition. To be honest with you this is the hardest task of the moving out program. Know that if you fail in the end of lease cleaning {place name}, you will risk your tenancy deposit. So, make sure that the inventory check will go smoothly! To do so, we provide you our top guarantees to get your tenancy deposit that are, of course, closely connected with the sanitising tasks you will need to strictly and finally execute. Continue reading