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Dusting or vacuuming – which one comes first?

Dusting or vacuumingProbably, you are sick and tired to wipe dust from the furniture, every floor and accessories at your home. And then the dust ‘builds up’ again with instantaneous speed. If you want to win this constant and unequal battle, you need a special strategy. But which one comes first – dusting or vacuuming? Well, the answer is: dust and after that – vacuum. Allergens and some small particles float in the air and make you sneeze. To stop that, you should wipe the surfaces with a microfiber duster or a damp cloth, so it will trap the dust. Vacuuming afterwards will just help to remove any dirt, which has remained. How to dust (and vacuum) effectively? Here are a few advices for you:

– Change the rack underwear weekly – your bed is the major source of dust. To minimize the damage, change bed linen at least once a week. You must fold the sheets used carefully, however, to reduce the spread of the dust around.
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