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4 Things Kitchen Appliances Are Trying To Tell You

Kitchen appliance maintenanceYou use your kitchen on daily basis, which means you are exploiting your kitchen appliances. As every other thing, appliances are prone to breakdowns. You should keep the guarantee card of every device you purchase. However, what happens when the guarantee expires? Well, you can call a technician to fix it or just buy a brand new one. In any case, you can try to predict future breakdowns of the kitchen appliance by simply looking at what they are trying to tell you. Here are some tips on how to tell if something is going to break or simply needs a partial replacement. Continue reading

Housekeeping helps you quit smoking

Quit smokingAbout 50% of people’s initial attempts to quit smoking end up with failure. There are numerous explanations about this regularity. Some of them are weak will, lack of motivation, too dynamic and nervous lifestyle and etc. It also turned out that women tend to fail in quitting smoking more often than males. Fortunately, you have us – our best housekeeping and housewives’ tips for better living. Wondering how exactly we and our household subjects can help you? Well, as a matter of fact, housekeeping helps you quit smoking. See how: Continue reading

Safety tips for window cleaning

Safety tips for window cleaningThere are so many housekeepers across the entire world, who prefer to wash and tidy up at home on their own – without using extra pro help and without even relying on experts. Well, there is nothing bad in this. On the contrary – there is something extra nice and attractive in the living modesty in this so high-tech world. Though, there are yet things a housekeeper should follow according to the experts’ recommendations – the safety tips! Without them, they may injure themselves or damage some house item. Speaking of these, see our pro safety tips for window cleaning, because they are really important and essential: Continue reading

Backpack cleaning supplies for a back up

Backpack cleaning suppliesOk, you might be not the most assiduous housekeeper of all times, but at least you need to be finely equipped for all kinds of situations. This may be quite enough, as a matter of fact, and you will be able to maintain a decent and neat living space. You will be able to react if a stain occurs and you will have enough tools to reduce the mess, when the tidying up process has been recently postponed. Though, for this purpose you need a backpack cleaning supplies for a backup. See what to place in it: Continue reading

Tools for summer cleaning you must have

Tools for summer cleaningSummer is finally here and you may finally start arranging your future exciting vacation. A great holiday on a luxury beach side or an extreme mountain trip sound awesome, but you should admit that staying at home and doing absolutely nothing is not good at all, either! In case you are one of those people, who are really keen on being lazy and spending the entire leisure time they have in walking around the living area, some good ideas and tips may be really useful for you. Unfortunately, these ideas are connected with overall and deep seasonal cleaning at home. Indeed, it may sound too unpleasant and boring for a summertime experience. Though, accept it as a preparation for a long home stay with your remote in one hand, and your favorite homemade cocktail in the other. Continue reading

Dusting or vacuuming – which one comes first?

Dusting or vacuumingProbably, you are sick and tired to wipe dust from the furniture, every floor and accessories at your home. And then the dust ‘builds up’ again with instantaneous speed. If you want to win this constant and unequal battle, you need a special strategy. But which one comes first – dusting or vacuuming? Well, the answer is: dust and after that – vacuum. Allergens and some small particles float in the air and make you sneeze. To stop that, you should wipe the surfaces with a microfiber duster or a damp cloth, so it will trap the dust. Vacuuming afterwards will just help to remove any dirt, which has remained. How to dust (and vacuum) effectively? Here are a few advices for you:

– Change the rack underwear weekly – your bed is the major source of dust. To minimize the damage, change bed linen at least once a week. You must fold the sheets used carefully, however, to reduce the spread of the dust around.
Continue reading

10 housekeeping and home maintenance chores for May

10 housekeeping chores for MayMay is almost over, but you still have enough time to perform your household duties for this month. If you do not know what to start with, you can simply follow our simple and 100% working checklist. Here are the most important and necessary tasks you have to follow in order to make your house shine and become neater than ever. So, are you ready for these 10 housekeeping and home maintenance chores for month of May?

Prepare your al fresco living environment for the upcoming heat, garden party and summer sunbathing at the outdoors. Get the furniture polished, disinfected and finely ordered. Also, see if your yard needs some cutting.

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Hiring an expert maid – some reasons why?

Hire a professional maidNowadays, life is tense and stressful. People have numerous responsibilities – they work all day long, they raise families and they have exciting hobbies. Somehow we succeed in maintaining the equilibrium in our busy everyday schedule, but when it comes to sanitising, the picture is not so pink. You know that household chores never end and there is always something that has to be improved. Usually, you come back after work and the last thing you want to do is to clean and wipe. Thus, filth and clutter gather and during weekends you are overloaded with house work.

Have you ever considered the idea to hire a professional maid? Cleaning companies offer lucrative quotations and wide range of sanitising packages. It will be very useful to rely on expert cleaner, who will maintain high level of hygiene on regular basis. In this article, you will find some of the main advantages of hiring an experienced maid for your sweet home. Continue reading and be informed on the topic: Continue reading