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6 Healthy Habits To Learn From Modern City Girls

Modern Girl's Healthy HabitsModern city girls are not what they used to be – eating on their go, skipping important cosmetic procedures due to lack of time or having issues with their personal relationships. On the contrary, today’s modern girl from the big city finds time for all the important things that matter to her and her life. Moreover – we can definitely learn something from these girls and make our lives as proper and exciting as theirs are. See the 6 healthy habits to learn from modern city girl now: Continue reading

Follow these tips and don’t suffer from autumn fatigue!

Autumn fatigueBeing distant relatives to bears, we still remember some of their natural routines when the weather gets cold. Many of us start feeling unexpected lack of energy and uncontrollable attraction toward bed. This tiredness reflects all our life and although it is not dangerous in general, the constant lowered performance in any area can bring melancholy and even some form of depression. How to get rid of it? Here are a couple of things you can do: Continue reading