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Follow these tips and don’t suffer from autumn fatigue!

Autumn fatigueBeing distant relatives to bears, we still remember some of their natural routines when the weather gets cold. Many of us start feeling unexpected lack of energy and uncontrollable attraction toward bed. This tiredness reflects all our life and although it is not dangerous in general, the constant lowered performance in any area can bring melancholy and even some form of depression. How to get rid of it? Here are a couple of things you can do:

  • Change your diet. Sometimes fatigue is natural reaction of the body toward the changes in nature. To prevent it you need to make a change yourself. Add as much as possible vegetables and fruits, add also proteins to the carbohydrates and drink a lot of water (not just any liquid, but water).
  • Turn to homeopathy. Some herbs and plants can open up your energy supply, for example: ginseng, reishi, ginkgo, green tea and many others. These herbs are much better solution than the energy drinks; they stimulate your blood flow, memory and coordination but, of course be careful not to take too much.
  • Ensure yourself enough light in your space. Another fall “side effect” is the reduced quantity of light our organism gets. Clouds and rain cannot be solved but you can make some renovations to get more of it in your home. Dark places around the house sap your energy – add extra light, replace the dead light bulbs or repaint with brighter paint. Do this every time when you perform house cleaning. This will free you of negativity no matter the season.
  • Plants and gardens. They are mighty stimulator (just think of the effect of green grass in spring over your mood), but also they are having bad time in autumn. If you have lawn or flowers in pots that have brown leaves or other dead parts, clean them.
  • Home maintenance. Is your home well organised? Are the things you use close to the place you use them or they are on the other end of the room? Organise things in such way that will turn insignificant matters in autopilot routines that don’t engage your energy /where are your keys or glasses/. After this, clean the house from basement to attic and don’t forget to wash the carpets. If it is already too cold or moist to wash them with water, use the services of reliable dry carpet cleaners that will remove dangerous bacterias and pollution from your rugs.

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