Come to the exquisite London Wine Week

London wine weekDo you remember the last London Cocktail Week? Did you have great time and a lot of fun and positive emotions? Well, get ready for another similar adventure with the brilliant tastes of drinks, big crowds of nice people and of course, wonderful atmosphere to relax and have some really pleasant time. The team behind the London Cocktail Week invites you to the exquisite London Wine Week! Come and join one of the most exciting and fascinating events in London for the summer season during June. See more details about it:

  • The London Wine Week will last 7 days – from 2nd to 8th of June 2014 year. This is not going to be a hangover you will want to leave once you see drunk people. On the contrary, this is a super stylish and posh event, where people meet not to drink, but to talk, to have good time and meanwhile to test some of the best wine sorts that have been ever made!
  • The London Wine Week is arranged to take part in the fanciest bars, restaurants, cafeterias and all kinds of gorgeous amenities across the entire capital of Great Britain. Here is a good occasion for you to see the newest public places! Besides, with a glass of wine this try becomes even more entertaining and memorable.
  • Price – visit the official website of the exquisite London Wine Week event. Thus, you will get the chance to become a part of the self-guided Wine Tour. By receiving a stylish wristband just for 10 pounds, you receive the free entrance to most of the places, where the degustation will take place.
  • Last, but not least, the most amazing thing about the London Wine Week is, naturally, the opportunity to taste the most famous and the newest grape drinks! Just for 5 pounds you may try a glass of the most expensive wines across the world. Also, lots of promotions and discounts for whole wine bottles are expecting you!

Do not miss the London Wine Week for anything in life! It will be classy and heady!

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