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Cool breeze in domestic conditions

Cool breeze in domestic conditionsWhen the summer comes everybody starts to search two things: cool and shady place and even cooler drink. How can you get the vital cooling? Some of the usual solutions are air conditioner, northern room or vocational escape. One a bit old fashioned but efficient decision is to get an electric fan. What are the main factors in that purchase and are there underwater rocks?

– How big? Bigger ones make stronger wind but depending on the size of the room that you want to cool, some can be too big. You don’t want stiffed neck and headache in the middle of this hot season.

– Fixed or static? Some fans move their “heads”, others blow just in the direction you set them. The benefit of the first is that they have button that can make them static.

– Design. Usually fans are round or like column – depends on the style and the space. But maybe it’s not a bad idea to think where you’re going to keep it in winter. Big ones usually can be disassembled and even if the storage space of your home is small, you still have an option for big fan.

– Maintaining. No matter what model you choose, take care for it during every regular cleaning. It is one of the appliances which should be extremely clean, because the dust and the fibers that stuck on the fan blades are perfect environment for bacteria and allergens and while they work they disperse these dangerous agents around your place.

– Position. Choose it according to the model and the shape of the room. Don’t put it in front of the window, if outside is hotter because the fan collects air from around itself and blows in one direction, this way it will send the heat from outside right onto you, better choose another “background” like other room. Also it should blow to the ceiling because according to the science hotter air is lighter and this will blow it outside, keeping the cooler air in.

– Material. Metal, plastic or from fabric – these are the options for the blade, usually the body is either plastic or metal. When you clean the fan, use cleaning products that won’t harm your carpet. Most of them are harmless, but stains from those, that contain antibacterial and polishing substances may require expert carpet treatment.

– Gadget fans. Literally, if you like high tech things you can find all kinds of them: eco, bladeless, with remote control and so on.

Now, if you have already made this important investment and you have brought Master of the winds at home, get yourself a cocktail or lemonade if it’s too early and watch it work.

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