How safe is your home?

How safe is your homeHave you ever asked yourself – how healthy is your home? To have a healthy home does not include only high level of hygiene that we try to achieve performing the usual daily cleaning chores. It is much more. Have you ever thought – are all household items safe for you and your family. I bet, you haven’t because it is difficult for most of the people even to believe that the common items mentioned below could be hazardous for your health. Check them out and decide for yourself:

  • Air fresheners. You love the aroma of spring flowers in your home but have you ever wondered what the commercial air fresheners contain. Actually most of them have harmful chemical ingredients that can have serious consequences to your health. In this regard – why don’t you try natural deodorisers like cinnamon sticks or citrus peels- they have even better aroma and they are 100% free of toxins.
  • Plastic Bottles. I have been a witness how many plastic bottles a family throw in the garbage while doing the well known post tenancy cleaning. But why we keep them at all? Some plastic bottle types contain chemicals like BPA or PET that pose serious health threats and disease to people. That’s why avoid bottles with code 7 on the label, especially for children; do not use a plastic bottle for a long time.
  • Cleaning detergents. A hundred pages would not be enough to explain the hidden health risks of the commercial chemical cleaning products. You are aware of most of them- allergies, respiratory problems, etc. The best thing you can do – bet on the green and make sure that your maids use only eco-friendly products.
  • Pesticides. A scary statistics would make you re-think the usage of any kind of pesticides – in 2006 the American Association of Poison Control got nearly 46,000 calls concerning children under 5 years old who were exposed to potentially toxic levels of pesticides. So be really careful if you use such kind of chemicals and always pay attention on the expiration date of the product.

At the end I will ask again – how safe is your home?

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