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Do you really need that? How to escape from the vicious circle?

Do you really need thatWhen we are in the store and pick up the goods, it is good to think: “Do I really need this?” It seems very simple, but actually it has a great result. If you do it every time, you’ll notice how at least half the products, which in other circumstances you would buy, will go back on the shelf.

However, this method takes too much time, so it’s better to make your own statistics, which products are ultimately superfluous. Usually these are:

  • “Lucrative” purchases – in fact with minimum price reduction the seller entices us to buy something we do not need. The merchant is not only trying to take our money now, but he is also hoping to create an artificial need for the product.
  • Specialized products – a detergent for floor, second for the toilet, third for window cleaning London … and so to clean your home you usually buy about 20 different products. However, although the different packages, aromas and labels, they often contain one active substance – e.g., sodium hypochlorite (bleach) or phosphoric acid. To avoid such duplication is not enough to read the content. In practice, 2-3 detergents are enough to keep clean. The rule “one instead of ten” equally applies to cosmetics.
  • Fresheners and fabric softeners. The smell of roses in the toilet, of lilac in the living room, laundry with flavor of “an intrepid French perfume.” These are synthetic products that harm our health. All of these can be replaced with a bottle of essential oil. Not to mention that in most cases the bathroom needs not a masking odor, just a good domestic cleaning London.
  • The new version, which is almost the same as the old one, only that there is “innovative design” or a bunch of additional “extras”, but they are hardly noticeable in everyday use. This approach is the only way to make us buy again new epilator or mobile phone, although the old is still doing a great job.

Do you really need that? How to escape from the vicious circle?
Next time, you are seduced to purchase some of these goods, think well.

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