Home interior mistakes according to Feng Shui

Home interior mistakes according to Feng ShuiEven if you have followed the Feng Shui advice for proper circulation of energy in your home, there are some details of the interior, which certainly are not in place. The reason for this is that sometimes, carried away by trends of modern home furnishings, we somehow fail to create the desired atmosphere. In the same time you destroy the harmony that you so persistently try to achieve. That is why we have to make immediate changes in the interior of your home, to correct the most common mistakes according to the principles of Feng Shui. Read carefully the lines below:

  • Too many details – whether it comes to jewelry, artwork or decorative elements, the presence of too many details in the room blocks the flow of chi energy in your home. Nothing “new” will not come into your life until you make space for it. According to Feng Shui adjustment, you need to leave only a small part (about ¼) of all the details. Others you can give to charity, friends, gather in the basement or just discard. You will see how in their place new elements will begin to appear. The end of tenancy cleaners may help you in this mission.
  • Something you do not like is on display – one of the biggest mistakes in the arrangement according to Feng Shui is that on display in your home is a thing that you don’t like. This object is part of the interior, only because it meets the latest fashion trends. The truth is that these objects attract negative energy and disturb the harmony. Feng Shui correction in this case consists in replacing all modern objects or works of art with new ones which suit your taste.
  • Wilted or dried flowers – these flowers not only collect dust, but according to Feng Shui they are symbol of static energy. According to the eastern doctrine it’s recommended to discard all artificial or wilted plants and to replace them with real – a vase with fresh cut flowers, even a bowl of fruits. By the way, don’t forget about efficient window cleaning, because windows are the eyes of your home.

Look around your sweet home and correct these mistakes as soon as possible.

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