Prepare your house before the pest control visit

Prepare your house before the pest control visitAn invasion of cockroaches, ants or other home bugs might become a real nightmare. Sometimes the eco-friendly and homemade recipes against pests aren’t enough. The bugs have just become too many and too nasty! Dealing with them is hard, but reconciling with them isn’t healthy at all. Home bugs disturb the domestic hygiene, bring bacteria and shame to call your friends for a visit. Isn’t it so? The only thing what has left for you as a solution is calling a professional pest control company. Before receiving them in your house, though, you will need to make some quick preparation in advance. See how to prepare the house before the pest control visit:

  • Ask the pest control company for some instructions. Each firm works with different methods and products. This means that each of them has different rules for home preparation, too. Some of them are quite specific, so you should learn them straight from the pest control specialists.
  • Take the kids out and leave the pet at your neighbours. Of course, almost all of the pest control specialists work with toxic-free and harmless products only. Though, it is necessary to take some protective measures just in case. Besides, little kids and a naughty dog will definitely stand in the pest control specialists’ way.
  • Warn your landlord for the visit. It is not guaranteed, but taking such home cares might be considered as home improvement later. This might discharge you from the end of tenancy cleaning duty in future. Why not taking of such an opportunity?
  • Cover and store the delicate home pieces. The pest control specialists will not harm your TV set or laptop. They work with contemporary machines and detergents, which aren’t so destructive. Though, keeping the food, medicines and cosmetics away from the products against home bugs might be safer.
  • Make a decent purge. As any other expert visit at home, the pest control appointment must be performed in a tidied space. It would be just easier for the specialists. Do some quick decluttering, upholstery cleaning and dusting!

Once the pest control procedure is done, never forget to ask the experts if some other afterwards measures should be taken!

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