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Organise a gallery wall in your sweet home!

Organise a gallery wallWall bedecked with many paintings, photographs and even mirrors can be a real showcase of art! It will immediately become a stunning accent in the decoration of your home. In order to organise a nice gallery wall, you need to arrange your pictures/photos carefully. Pay attention to the layout of the composition, when you already have all the artwork available. Basically, the idea is the wall to look like you have been adding the new pictures/photos with the passage of time. Still you should have them in advance. Here are a few helpful tips:

  • Find the perfect wall – that can be anywhere in the house: in the kitchen, in the living room, in the hallways, and even in the bathroom. First decide what the main focus in the composition will be. It could be a bigger picture/photo/mirror/pottery, which you really like. Then arrange several medium size and a few smaller ones around it. You may place the composition above any basic furniture such as dresser, sofa, table, etc.;
  • Be patient – even after you have selected all the images, do not rush to jam nails on the wall, especially if you feel unsure in the selection. Try to pick paintings in the same colour scheme or at least with identical frames. That will create more cohesive vision of the ‘gallery’. You can choose the colour scheme in accordance with the overall look of the room – walls, furniture, carpets. Don’t forget that freshness and cleanness are essential. When it comes to sanitising your water-sensitive rugs (decorative, natural, antique, delicate, hand-knotted fabrics), the best option for you is dry carpet cleaning;
  • Pay attention to dimensions and forms – if your wish is to balance several larger pictures with smaller ones, consider where you will deploy the first major one. In fact, small pictures are ideal for gallery wall because they look better grouped than standalone;
  • Take some time and measure the exact locations of the paintings and the distances between them to get prepared to the fullest. This must be done and the inevitable household chores, for example, may ‘wait’ for a bit. If you are too busy, however, you can always rely on professional regular cleaners.

If you want to achieve a non-traditional vision of your gallery wall, then arrange the pictures chaotically and not according to their style or colour range. That approach will add special charm to your home interior!

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