4 wonderful ways to surprise a friend

4 wonderful ways to surprise a friendEvery woman has at least one best friend. People share their happy and sad moments with their best pals. It’s great to have a good friend to spend some time with after a hard day at work; to work out together; to gossip; to ask for a piece of advice. Have you ever made a lovely surprise to your fellow without a special occasion? If not, check out some original suggestions for great surprises:

  • Help your friend go on a trip. It will be super kind of your side if you offer your best girlfriend to take care of her kids for the weekend. This way she will be free to go to a trip with her husband. They can have great time together, without stress, household chores and screaming children. You can also go on a road trip with her. It will be very exciting, don’t you think? New places, new people, new experiences.
  • Take care of a household chore instead of her. Make the day of your buddy by relieving her from her routine tasks. Mow her lawn without asking permission, or do the home cleaning some day. Another option is to fix her computer if she needs that. Real friends help each other, right?
  • Mail a handwritten note with original message. These days it’s so rare to get an actual letter, that your friend will be really surprised. She will definitely appreciate your efforts. You can write why you are so happy with this person, you can describe how she made you feel a while ago. You can remind her a wonderful common memory. Be creative.
  • Cook her a tasty meal for dinner. Just imagine how excited and touched she will be. After a long and exhausting day in the office and probably some problems with the office cleaners, your treat will be a happy turning point.

True friendship is like a precious stone. Those of us who find it, must keep it for life.

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