Cold season survival guide

Cold season survival guideWinter is the season for cozy nights by the fireplace, for cheer and memory making. This is the positive part. Unfortunately, there is also a negative side, caused by the changes in weather, the low temperatures and the frosty wind. These factors influence our health and you have to be aware how to protect yourself and to use them in  your advantage.

  • Winter effect on your immune system – getting sick is the most frequent phenomenon when weather starts to change. Coming down with the flu is normal, but you can prevent this to happen. How? First of all, become a germophobe and become obsessive about hygiene of your hands. This way you will stop bacteria to get into your body. Some simple strategies are to use always your own pen, not to share your cell phone and to have some antibacterial gel or spray in your bag.
  • Drink enough liquids. Hot tea, water, fresh juice – the choice is yours. This way you will prevent viruses from taking hold in your body in case you’ve been exposed to them. Being well hydrated also helps your system to spread valuable nutrients while getting rid of dangerous toxins and germs. If you have to move out, rely on tenancy cleaning services. Don’t risk your health by disinfecting and sweating and catching the cold.
  • Stay warm and don’t let yourself shivering. Thus your immune system will be depressed, because all the resources of your body will be used to raise your temperature instead of warding off germs. Warm shoes, gloves and hats are a must-have. Fleece is an excellent insulator. In case you work out, use moisture-wicking synthetic fabrics (such as polyester and nylon).
  • Eat fruits, take your vitamins regularly. Maintain your immune system in order to reject viruses. In case you catch the flu, don’t try to deal alone, just as you do with the carpet sanitising, but go to a doctor.

Entertain yourself and ensure yourself enough light and some little walks. Do you have anything to add to our cold season survival guide?

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