You’re in bad company – 3 warning signs

Signs you are in bad companyIn our lives it’s extremely important who we choose to surround ourselves with. It’s true that at times, it’s luck, who controls who enters into our life, but it depends on us to decide who we will let stay there. Undoubtedly you should surround yourself with individuals that make you a better person. Sometimes we make the mistake to stay in bad company. Therefore, we have gathered some important signs, that will help you to recognise the presence of the latter:  

  • Some people tend to make time for you only when it’s convenient for them. Begging for attention is a big mistake. Experts advise to know your self-worth and to move on if things go wrong. A real friendship without regular connection is a difficult mission, because there is a lack of commitment. Actually if someone wants you in their life, they will gladly make space for you. Even if the end of tenancy cleaners are on their way, your friend may find 2-3 minutes to talk to you on the phone. What do you think?
  • These people mistrust your dreams and abilities. There is one simple rule. If you allow others to determine your abilities and dreams, then you will give them chance to hold you back. Remember that what you are capable to achieve is not a function of what other people think you can do. Just look beyond the mental limitations and presumptions of others and believe in yourself. Your life is an open-ended journey and it’s up to you to achieve your goals. More efficient carpet cleaning or finding a better new job – go on, you can do it!
  • Your “fellows” are excessively envious of you. Here we don’t talk about little envy, which is OK. Excessive envy doesn’t prove you how much someone admires you. On the contrary, it shows you how much this person dislikes itself.  It’s recommended to try to lift them up, but also you have to be careful, because they can easily pull you down. Very often, no amount of promises or love will ever be enough to make them sense better about themselves.

So, dear friends, if you feel some of these signs, then it means, that you’re in a bad company. It’s up to you to decide what to do.


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