5 useful ideas for the small garage

Useful ideas for small garageMany people want to use their garage not only for a ‘house’ for the family car, but also some personal items and tools. The problem is that the space is not always enough. We offer you 5 useful ideas for the small garage:

  • Use the walls for maximum – hangers, shelves, strips, all of them can do a perfect job in the small garage, because they will easily collect all your belongings without tying up the space, intended for the car. If you can, place cork all over the wall so you can use the whole area for hanging things;

  • Think about how to use the ceiling – it may sound strange, but the ceiling can also be helpful for achieving an optimal use of space in a small garage. For example, buy a stand for bicycles. It can be mounted on the ceiling, holding them to the car. Another option is to place racks at the top of the walls, as well as all over them. Those racks will hold the boxes with helpful items. As a result of this, the place below remains free;
  • The secret is in organising – good organising and regular domestic cleaning is always a solution to the problem of limited space. Use glass jars of different sizes and put the small items in them. All jars can be put on a shelf on the wall or in a special basket. Note that the organisers for bags, shoes and scarves can also be useful in a small garage. The difference is that instead of fashion accessories you will store tools;
  • The convenience of the magnetic stripe – the magnetic stripe is the perfect solution if you have a lot of instruments, and you don’t have as much place for them in the garage. It is enough to mount one or two along one of the walls in the garage and to attach to it any metal tools such as pliers, saws, hammers and so on;
  • Use optical ‘tricks’ – paint the walls of the garage in fresh colors to make it look more spacious. Mount good lighting, light also ‘lies’ the eyes that the space is wider. A non-traditional decision would be to place some kind of decorative rug in bright color. If however you do it, it will often need steam carpet cleaningfor sure.

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