Saving space through organising

Saving space at homeOften we have problems storing our “material history”. The piles of books, clothes, CD’s, pictures, postcards usually don’t get smaller in time, just the opposite indeed. No matter how big is our home, some more storage space is always welcome. How to find it without taking down walls?

  • Look around you for empty angle – although it may seem useless there are many things you can do with it. Special pieces of furniture are designed for these parts of the room – angle closets, cabinets and so on. If you don’t think to refurnish you can put plant, vase or standard lamp. All depends on the space and what you need in the room.

  • Think about the vertical surfaces – not only the fridge door can be used to store notes and magnets, also in the stores you can find containers with magnetic base to keep your tiniest things – paper clips, needles, screws, etc.
  • Look under the furniture – if you haven’t used this place yet, do it now. Under our beds and sofas you can find one whole new universe of spare space. You can use it either by putting boxes with things you don’t use frequently, or using drawer-looking chests (there are even some with wheels for easier moving).
  • Organise – regular domestic cleaning usually shows us how many things we own and how badly organised are they – a couple of simple habits can spare you a lot of space – don’t keep empty packages, when the shampoo is over just throw the bottle for recycling. Take time to pack away the clothes and shoes you don’t use this season.
  • Be creative – paint, change and turn around – look at the things in different angle and they can become useful, not just another useless item you need to move around. Barrels can become pots for plants, pet’s bed or even a bench-base. Just use your imagination!
  • Attach to people, not to possessions – no matter how sentimental you are, end of rental cleaners advise: create memories instead of storing things. This rule is attachable to everything from the first wine bottle you drank with your partner to special cleaning detergents that you use once a year.

Physicists have found the connection between space and time, try to use these ideas and see how to turn this relation in your advantage. You will see, it works – less things and better organisation save both time and space… and money.

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