Pets and perfectly clean house – mission possible

Pets at homeOnce you have any pets at home, they become part of the family, for sure. However, sometimes they turn the house upside down and that requires something to be done urgently. Here are some useful tips for a perfectly clean home:

  • Get special features – specify a corner where the cat or the dog to sleep. Monitor your pet and see where it goes most often to have rest. So place there a basket with cushion or small mat – so you not only ‘define’ its own place but also restrict the perimeter for eyebrow uprooting of hairs;

  • For cats, it’s nice to get a special item on which to sharpen their nails – so you will protect the upholstery on the chairs and the sofa of their sharp claws. Pin the item low down on that wall, which is closest to the place where the cat sleeps. Cats like to sharpen their claws as soon as they wake up;
  • Limit pet’s perimeter – whether you have a cat or dog, it is desirable to limit the perimeter during the day, when you’re gone. So mischief will be in only one room of the apartment. Keep the rest of the doors closed. Leave a path to the bathroom or kitty litter to the animal if needed to stop there. Beware, some pets are very skillful and can open the doors easily;
  • Strategy for cleaning – accept it, once you’ve got a pet, you will have to use the vacuum cleaner much more often. Sometimes, however, even that appliance isn’t so helpful in carpet sanitising. In such a case, use a slightly damp cloth to rob the hair;
  • Dogs love to bite different objects – the most common ‘victims’ are the legs of the table and chairs. To avoid this problem, brush them with clove oil – the bitter it tastes the easier the animal will refuse from retries;
  • If the dog or the cat fails to go on time to the restroom, you need to clean up the place immediately. Otherwise, the floor will absorb the smell and the incident could happen again. You don’t need preparations (or skills) as the domestic cleaners. Go to the place with some bleach or ammonia. If their scent bothers you, then make a solution of vinegar and lemon juice, or simply spray with lemon juice. The citrus aroma repels animals;
  • Place a wide board or small rug under the cage of the hamster or rabbit, so that if the animal pushes the chipboard, it will scatter on the floor;
  • Tanks are cleaned more easily with a paste of salt and vinegar – it is enough to smear the walls and then carefully rinse.

Whether because of their larger size, or their behavior, among other pets, dogs and cats are usually the most common culprits for the chaos at home. But despite this, they bring so much joy at home, don’t they?

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