How to bring soul to your place with vintage accents

How to bring soul to your place with vintage accentsToday most of us have functional appliances in their kitchens, fast cars in the garage and contemporary furnished minimalistic houses. If you are fed up with the same picture every morning you open your eyes, below you can throw a glance at a few ideas how to bring a touch of history, exotics and distinction in your immediate surroundings with the help of vintage assets.

- Kitchen and dining room are the places where we first go in the morning for a cup of coffee and last in the evening to have dinner. A couple of photos in old fashioned frames with vintage effect, i.e. faded or yellowing, on the walls or on shelves will give the space some soul.

If you, for example, have friends who work as post tenancy cleaners, you might ask them for forgotten or abandoned by tenants really old pictures, paintings or photos of famous sightseeings. They will do a great job in your kitchen. Even bigger effect will be achieved if you buy a set of vintage cutlery and put them on the table on special occasions

- The hallway will gain a totally different look with one of those old fashioned wooden hangers looking like a tree with outspread curved round branches where you can hang your coat and hat and underneath there is a place for umbrellas. It takes space when with clothes, so you will need to provide an empty corner.

- Bathrooms are another place to experiment. You know those old oval white porcelain bathtubs situated in the middle of the room we’ve all seen in movies from the beginning of 19th century. Add a set of retro faucets made of iron to the tub and sink and enjoy washing and relaxing. It’s necessary to clean them both in order to preserve their look. The usual regular domestic cleaning detergents which you have at home will do a great job. But still be attentive not to use too aggressive detergents and brushes because you can harm the covering and the iron will start to rust.

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