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Carpet Cleaning in SW8 Battersea

Carpet Cleaning in Battersea

Do you think that you perform efficient Battersea carpet cleaning? If you don't use the assistance of professional Battersea carpet cleaners, you won't achieve perfect hygiene and freshness. Therefore our Battersea carpet cleaning company has a lucrative offer, especially for you - reliable and convenient Battersea carpet cleaning services. Through proven eco-friendly techniques, our Battersea carpet cleaners conduct high-standard Battersea carpet cleaning. Battersea carpet cleaners provide high-quality performance of our efficient Battersea carpet cleaning service. Keep in mind, that our Battersea carpet cleaning is accomplished on site for customer's convenience. So, no more endless efforts from your side, no more toxic detergents and doubtful methods - our reliable Battersea carpet cleaning is all you need for your home in the SW8 area.

Don't wait, but call us on 020 3026 6016 and our expert team of Battersea carpet cleaners will come in your lovely dwelling in the SW8 district!

Carpet Cleaning special offer:

Carpet cleaning special offer Carpet cleaning special offer

(only general cleaning: dusting, hoovering, or cleaning of 1 bathroom, or the kitchen (no oven/fridge, cupboards inside)

* Our customers can take advantage of the Special offers once a month.

Depending on the fabric of your carpets, our Battersea carpet cleaning is conducted through 2 different systems:

  • Steam carpet cleaning - this efficient technique, applied during our Battersea carpet cleaning service, is provided for regular fabrics. After application of this method in Battersea carpet cleaning, no more dirtiness and microbes remain into the carpet fibres. Battersea carpet cleaners begin with thorough hoovering of the surface. Our convenient Battersea carpet cleaning includes also pretreatment of some visible stains. After these preparative procedures, Battersea carpet cleaners move to injection of specific biodegradable cleanser, dissolved in very hot water. Thus, our efficient Battersea carpet cleaning service "fights" with all the embedded filth and bacteria. Right after the steam-heat extraction, Battersea carpet cleaners will deliver special nylon shoes for you. Only a few hours later, carpet is usable, refreshed and deeply sanitised by Battersea carpet cleaners.

Request our professional Battersea steam carpet cleaning in SW8 and get the most inexpensive rates!

  • Dry carpet cleaning - leave your delicate carpets to our expert Battersea carpet cleaners. For all these water-sensitive materials, our efficient Battersea carpet cleaning service is accomplished via special absorbent dry cleanser. In this case our Battersea carpet cleaning comprises equal spreading of the detergent over the fabric. The active substance interacts with the accumulated dirtiness and soon after that Battersea carpet cleaners vacuum everything altogether off. This system of professional Battersea carpet cleaning protects the fibres from loosening and structural damage.

Ensure yourself our reliable Battersea dry carpet cleaning now and take a good care of your delicate, natural and decorative fabrics!

The wonderful final results from our convenient and flexible Battersea carpet cleaning, available in the entire SW8 area, are sealed up with the incredible Scotchgard Protector. This special defensive layer is applied right after our reliable Battersea carpet cleaning services. This way, spills and stains are kept away from your flawlessly disinfected carpets.

?nd more good news from Battersea carpet cleaning company - all prices of our professional and flexible Battersea carpet cleaning services are fair and budget-friendly.

Act smart and contact us on 020 3026 6016 to arrange your appointment for specially tailored Battersea carpet cleaning!

Steam Cleaning Prices:

  • Bedroom £25.00
  • Living/dining room £30.00
  • Through lounge £45.00
  • Flight of stairs £25.00
  • A small rug/carpet £15.00
  • A large rug/carpet £26.00

Dry Cleaning Prices:

  • Bedroom £37.00
  • Living/dining room £45.00
  • Through lounge £67.00
  • Flight of stairs £37.00
  • A small rug/carpet £22.00
  • A large rug/carpet £39.00

* Minimum charge applies for both steam and dry cleaning.

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