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7 ways to find out what people actually are

7 ways to find out what people actually areCan you imagine a world without lies? Try and think mostly about how much you will lose or how we will win if we cease to deceive one another. Let us put it elegantly – roles we play every day, and some do it so well, it is impossible to understand their true nature. It’s necessary to find what people really are, especially if your intuition tells you to be careful with a person of your environment. Include all sensors, analyze and make your findings. Here are some proven tips which will help you.

1. Observe people in critical situations.

These are the moments in which no one can “play” or cheat. No opportunity and time to put masks and therefore, in critical situations people act as their commanding instincts make them.

2. Pay attention to their attitude towards staff.

People who insult in life, most often take it out of service staff – waiters, office cleaners, sellers – whatever their fall front. If someone is whistling or snapping fingers to summon the waiter, this is the first sign that’s an idiot.

3. Follow intonation and body language.

It is not difficult to find enough material for body language. Of course, do not overdo it with suspicion and the obsession with nonverbal signs. But sometimes, this small scale, helps to further clarify the overall picture.

4. Gossip for common acquaintances.

In this respect there are no saints. Each, in one degree or another loves intrigues. And, unfortunately, often we do not know where is the limit. Gossip with someone about mutual acquaintances, to see and hear with your own eyes and ears, how much dirt can pour the man you thought were ethical, generous and kind.

5. Take a loan, give and borrow money.

When you lend someone money or you borrow some funds for regular cleaning service, you will learn many new things about the person with whom you have dealings.

6. Travel together.

Indeed, it’s an extreme method. If you have doubts about the sincerity or the stability of someone, go with him on a trip is not the best idea. Rather than this experience will give you the most convincing evidence “for” or “against”.

7. Share a secret.

The best way to check if anyone knows how to keep his mouth shut is to share him a secret. If you do not trust him, you can make one, just to see how long it “will return” to you.

We hope you won’t be much disappointed from your acquaintances. Good luck!

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