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How to recognise real narcissists

How to recognize real narcissistsSome narcissists are recognizable from miles away, but there are others who are far more subtle. Indeed, the discrete narcissists can be particularly toxic – and you may have in your life such a person without even suspecting that. Here are 5 of the warning signs:

  • They are extremely charming and stylish. Narcissists hate to feel vulnerable and are afraid to depend on other people. They find security in this to feel special – that’s why many of them are extremely charming when you see them for the first time. A sociable narcissist devotes much time to their appearance. They are not only very sociable and charming, but can be very attractive. Sometimes, these people may be the experts from your cleaning company London.
  • They put people (and especially you) on a pedestal. Narcissists feel special when they are close to someone who is special. Psychologists say that when you put on a pedestal, this is not true human connection.
  • Narcissists make all the plans and maintain invisible control. As narcissists do not like to feel dependent on people, they usually avoid to want something straight in the eyes. Their approach is rather to orchestrate events so that they get what they want. This is called “invisible control” – something that also helps narcissists feel special.
  • Their empathy is true, at least initially. When you see a narcissist to communicate with people, you can often notice how sensitive and caring he looks. People think this is all theater. Many people who are highly narcissistic, actually are empathetic, as they are excellent listeners. But when they are concerned about something, and the way it will affects on them, suddenly the empathy disappears. Share this information with your domestic cleaners London, they will be thankful.

If you recognize these warning signs, you can stay away from any poisonous narcissist.

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