The meaning behind your home wall colour

The meaning behind your home wall colourAny colour in the world has its own symbolical meaning. With your personal choice of some shade you actually declare a particular thought, you describe your dreams or you simply report your present mood. So, let’s see the meaning behind your home wall colour. It definitely says lots things about you – even things you couldn’t imagine!

- Red. This colour raises the premise energy by all means. With it, you can easily create an exciting, attractive and fascinating living space. Probably, you are a passionate person, who runs away from boredom and keeps looking for the unknown!

- Yellow. Its silent communication with happiness and joy from life will get inside your domestic atmosphere, too. People with such wall colours are a bit eccentric, but always balanced with their own philosophy. Also, they love domestic cleaning and everything about home. Experts say that these people are incredible parents, as well!

- Blue. A bit romantic and still true to realism, these people will make everything they can to help a friend. As a colour in the interior design, blue brings tranquillity and peace. Painting the walls with blue nuance is a great idea – especially if you lead a busy life, you have kids or you are just always under pressure and stress.

- Green. This shade is considered as the most restful for human’s eye. Besides its positive emotions, green is truly welcoming and splendid for the interior design. You can amazingly mix match the green Reseda walls with lovely dark green carpet. If you are keen on more pop art electric green rugs, go for one, but use expert carpet cleaning services to preserve the brightness of the fibres.

- Orange. This colour is all about the enthusiasm of living. Ordinary things are boring and greatness in life is hidden in its every little piece – these are the messages behind the home orange walls. Plus – the orange nuance is fascinating for kid’s room and for the living room, as well!

- White. Purity and balance, beauty and connection with nature are the most sincere things for people, who love white colour and who would never choose such walls to any other – more original and modern – paint!

So what are your home walls and do they match with the personality description we have pointed out?

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