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Hot drinks for the cold weather

Hot drinks for the cold weatherThe best medicines for cold weather remain warm drinks – healthy, recreational and so aromatic. Warm drinks even get people closer! Don’t miss your daily “dose” of them early in the morning or after a tough day at work:

  • Tea – a variety of types. Tea is a beverage, known since ancient times. Different types are being used for different purposes. Hot black tea contains substances that lower cholesterol, and help with diets, but only when it’s without additives. Peppermint tea possesses antiviral action. If you want to relax after a hard working day, drink a cup of Chamomile tea. Except that tea eliminates stress and tension, it is an enemy of the microbes.

  • Drinking coffee – a daily ritual. Many of you start the day with a cup of coffee and this is like a daily ritual. A few years ago specialists considered that it’s harmful. Today they claim that coffee has a beneficial effect on the body, if you don’t overdo it with it. This caffeine drink reduces oxidation processes in the body. In the cold weather coffee strengthens the body. But not everyone likes its taste. So there is the alternative, called Latte. Warm some milk and mix it with the fragrant espresso, which you’ve already made. Finally, add cinnamon or cocoa powder. Here’s your Latte! Imagine how wonderful it tastes after deep carpet cleaning procedure in your sweet home!
  • Hot drinksHot chocolate – it will improve your mood and it will fill you with energy. In addition, it will make you forget about the cold weather. The original hot chocolate is made from real chocolate bars and water or milk, and the result is dense and fragrant blend. It doesn’t require any special skills and can easily be made at home. Choose your chocolate – white, milk or dark, and cut or chop it into small pieces. If you have a knife with a serrated blade, you can do it faster and easier. Put some water or milk on a low heat until they warm up, and then add the chocolate. How much chocolate chips you will use depends on how thick you want the drink. Typically 25 g are enough for one cup. Mix until it forms a homogeneous mixture;
  • A taste of cocoa – cocoa is one of the most popular hot drinks for the cold weather. It also has some of the beneficial action of the chocolate, but as a drink is more diluted than hot chocolate;
  • Apple Cider – cut the apples into pieces and mash them, then squeeze the juice. In cold weather this fruit drink is extremely useful because of vitamin C – the enemy of a number of diseases and inflammations. This amazing and fresh drink will provide you extra power if you plan to perform thorough post tenancy sanitising.

Do you see your favorite hot drink here? Just imagine yourself lying on the sofa, reading an interesting book with a cup of aromatic and tasty hot drink in your hand.

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