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How to make lemon candles

How-to-make-lemon-candlesYou often drink a cup of herbal tea with a lemon slice, especially during the winter months. You know that lemon juice is beneficial because it helps you to fight the cold. And what about the lemon scent? It is fresh and leaves a great feeling of cosiness throughout your home. If you like that fragrance, then you should read on. Here is our simple idea on how to make lemon candles:

  • You will need: few lemons, few ordinary candles, wicks and essential oil of lemon and cinnamon (optional);
  • The lemon essential oil will have a motivating impact on you, and the cinnamon will double the positive effect. Not surprisingly, many people use air fresheners with scent of lemon. It improves concentration and removes the tiredness during the day. Well, the deduction is that lemon fragrance is extremely suitable for your study room or workspace. After you are done with the office cleaning, spray the room with an aromatic mixture of a few drops of essential oil and some water;
  • Slice the lemons lengthwise and scrape the flesh part carefully with a knife. Then chop the candles in a saucepan (you may take the wicks for the new ones). Add some water and melt the candles;
  • The wax should not be boiling! Place the wick into the rind of the lemon. Carefully pour the wax in it and add a few drops of essential oils. Leave the candles to cool for several hours and then decorate them, according to your personal taste;
  • Don’t throw away the flesh part of the lemons! It could have many uses both in the household and cosmetics. For example, some drops of lemon juice on the toothbrush will whiten your teeth and strengthen the gums. Not to mention that lemon juice is a kind of strong cleaning agent. It could be helpful against various types of stains on various surfaces. So always keep some lemon juice in the fridge, it may come in handy when you run home sanitising.

Last but not least, eat lemons regularly! They will boost your immune system, and you will be well-prepared for the upcoming cold days.

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