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How to clean gold

How to clean goldMaintaining your golden jewelry clean is extremely simple. Although gold does not darken like other metals, it may collect dust and lose its luster. Don’t delay sanitising it anymore, take advantage of the following tips:

Mix soap and water – believe it or not, it’s possible to clear the gold with soap and water (only!). This method is quite successful for jewels that are smooth and without any inlays. Prepare a small bowl of warm (but not hot) water and put a little of dishwashing cleanser. Place the jewelry in the solution for 20 minutes. Then rinse and take a dry cotton cloth to dry the jewel.  That ‘trick’ will help you clear all ‘traces’ of daily wear (cosmetics, etc.);

Cleaning of gold jewelry with precious stones – if your jewelry is a combination of gold and gems, you can clean it at home without worries for damaging the stones. It is essential not to put the jewel in a liquid. It can enter the narrow spaces between the metal and the gem and cause rust, discoloration or losing gems. You may follow the procedure described above. Instead placing the jewel in a solution, just moisten a dry cloth and gently sanitise the jewel. For drying use a different towel;

Cleaning of hard-to-reach places – you don’t need to be as good as trained domestic cleaners to deal with that challenge. In case your gold jewelry has hard-to-reach places, immersing in a soapy solution is not going to help. Find a toothbrush with soft bristles and use it for disinfecting those places;

For stubborn stains – Prepare a ‘paste’ of vaseline and a little soapy water. Rub it on the gold as your movements should be only in one direction. Then clean the residues with a soft cloth. Remove the remaining fats from the vaseline with a little of alcohol. Finally, wash the jewel with water and dry it.

We believe each of your possessions is valuable and important for you. For example – carpets at home, they need expert carpet cleaningto ‘live’ longer. You like gold? Then golden jewelry is another valuable possession you should maintain regularly. In addition to the fact that dirty jewelry is not beautiful anymore, it is harmful and can cause inflammation.

So, take care of your gold jewels to keep them gorgeous!

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