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Short manual on how to deal with chocolate stains on your carpet

Short manual on how to deal with chocolate stains on your carpetChocolate –  this is the temptation for both adults and children! If your carpet gets dirty, don’t worry, there is a way to deal with the chocolate stains. And it’s even more than a single one. Here is what House Cleaning London company recommends you:

  • You can use liquid cleaning detergent directly onto the spots. If you don’t have one, remove the chocolate with a knife as quickly as possible. After that, dip a cloth in cold water or medical alcohol and apply on the stains. Soak the stain with liquid detergent, without having to dilute the preparation. Wait for 20 minutes and wipe with a damp cloth;
  • Prepare a solution of a tablespoon of ammonia and a cup of warm water (use rubber gloves to protect the skin of your hands and do not inhale the fumes). Never mix ammonia with bleach or chlorine detergents! Dry the carpet and neutralise the ammonia with a solution of one part vinegar to four parts warm water. Rinse with hot water and let the rug dry well;
  • House Cleaning London presents you an useful cleaning method against the yellowish traces of old patches of chocolate. They could be easily removed with a 10% solution of oxalic acid (10 g of oxalic acid in 100 ml distilled water). Let it for 5-10 minutes and then rinse several times with cool water;
  • Did you know thatglycerine soap is quite effective against chocolate stains? Apply it and start rubbing with a finger or fingernail, depending on the fabric which your carpet is made of. If you see any yellowish stain marks, put a few drops of warmed glycerine, which rubs the finger, and washed with warm water.

No matter if you are a big fan of chocolate or you aren’t so much of a sweet tooth, chocolate stains can appear on your carpet any time! So it is always good to be prepared for such a situation, right?

See the manual in PDF format:

Short manual on how to deal with chocolate stains on your carpet

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