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10 housekeeping and home maintenance chores for May

10 housekeeping chores for MayMay is almost over, but you still have enough time to perform your household duties for this month. If you do not know what to start with, you can simply follow our simple and 100% working checklist. Here are the most important and necessary tasks you have to follow in order to make your house shine and become neater than ever. So, are you ready for these 10 housekeeping and home maintenance chores for month of May?

Prepare your al fresco living environment for the upcoming heat, garden party and summer sunbathing at the outdoors. Get the furniture polished, disinfected and finely ordered. Also, see if your yard needs some cutting.

Step on a fresher surface. Put the doormats in the laundry and meanwhile, see what you can do about those nasty carpet stains you have made during the Easter holidays. Bring in your newest cleansing solutions you have learnt from your colleagues and start rubbing and vacuuming the rugs till they begin to smell better!

Welcome the healthy air! Cleanse the vent system, make a quick air-conditioner prophylaxis and restore the heating ducts. If you need to, change the filters. Do not perform these chores without having a glance at the manual guides of the gadgets.

– Windows will expose your efforts. If you think you cannot deal with this home cleaning chore, simply find some helpers. Maybe, it is high time for your husband to do something about this house, too!

– Laundry cleaning. As soon as the doormats are washed, begin tidying up the laundry premise. Also, sanitise the washing machine, as well.

– Proceed with the things you hate touching and wiping at most. Now is your time to degrease the grill, remove the mould and kill the bug pests in your bedroom.

– Floor polishing is a long-lasting operation, its if completed by skilled professionals. Our advise is to contact the experts from Floor restoration team  if you think you cannot deal with it.

Be the brave housekeeper and manage the toilet seat smell by killing it with essential oils. As a matter of fact, they will kill the bacteria, too.

Make a quick walk around your house to relax just before the finish of your cleansing tour. See if the corners are covered with cobwebs or the dust has accommodated on the shelves. Deal with them.

Air the premises and go to celebrate your successful May Home Cleaning Challenge!

Sounds difficult, but the checklist of May is not hard at all! Try it yourself!

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