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How to clean the dirtiest places at home?

How to clean the dirtiest places at homeSome concrete places and items at home are considered to be so dirty that they might be even called dangerous. The point is not throwing away them, but to maintain them always hygienic and refresh them in time. Of course, the right technique and approach into each of these procedures are a must. Today, we will explain how to clean the dirtiest places at home:

  • The floor…Of course, the bottom under your feet is one of the dirtiest places in your home place. Here is the biggest traffic and here is where most of the bacteria come from the outdoors. Regular vacuuming and decent washing of stone, wooden and tile floors are mandatory. However, procedures like floor sanding London and polishing are also important to keep the space down your feet hygienic and safe.
  • The keyboard…Another extra rich in germs area in your house and for some of you – in your office, too. In short, some people, might be in touch with this extra toxic and full of bacteria item about 15 hours per day. The best way to clean the keyboard is to transform it into pieces and use ordinary alcohol. If you are not so technically skillful, use the hair dryer to dust the device.
  • The coffee reservoir…About 10% of the bacteria in the kitchen come from this place. Even though coffee are natural bad odour removal, they cannot fight germs. Use ordinary soapy water with a little bit of white vinegar to wipe and wash this kitchen item. On mandatory, disinfect with borax the dirtiest elements.
  • The fridge….Some people do not even believe that the refrigerator can be so dirty. As a matter of fact, though, it is. Keeping the food you consume in a grimy area is not OK, so make sure you wipe the fridge decently or include it in your additional checklist with chores, when you book house cleaning services London.

Keep an eye on these places and preserve your home fresh and healthy!

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