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How to remove ink from clothes

How to remove ink stainsNobody likes spots on the clothes – that is for sure. But sometimes, no matter how much you are careful, spills just happen. Some of the most common ones are caused by ink.

We have selected several effective methods for removing them, take a look:

Cleaning ink spots on white cotton and linen fabrics – fresh stains from almost all types of inks (on any kind of white cotton or linen fabrics) could be removed with a solution of 125g bleach and 10l water. After that, rinse the clothes with some water, mixed with vinegar and then with pure water;

Cleaning ink stains on coloured fabrics – spots could be cleaned with a mixture of 20 g 95% pure alcohol, 20g ammonia solution (10%) and 20 ml distilled water.  Remember – first of all you need to check whether the dye would not be affected by the action of ammonia;

Cleaning stains from red or green ink – put 2-3 drops of glycerin on the clothing and rub gently. Then place a swab, moistened with a mixture of soap, water and ammonia solution. When you think you are ready with sanitising, rinse the spot with water. If there are still some clues, they could be removed with the help of 1-5% ammonia solution, then with 1-3% solution of hydrogen peroxide. Trimming ends with repeated rinsing with pure water. In addition, you can apply this method when you run upholstery cleaning at your home;

– Universal decision against ink stains (for all types of fabrics) – wash with warm water and then soak in warm milk for 2 hours, if the spot is fresh, and for 4-5 hours in case it is an old one. The milk should be replaced when it begins to turn brown. After the disappearance of the stains rinse the clothing with lukewarm water. Finally wash with a soapy solution.

You have damaged your carpet with ink and you think that is irreversibly? Don’t worry, your carpet still has its second chance for life. All you have to do is contact the local carpet cleaners and they will solve that problem.

Leaky markers, ‘exploded’ pens – surely they’ve got you in trouble at least once. If you follow our tips, however, you will achieve good results in the unpleasant ‘fight’ with ink stains. It is always good to keep your clothes clean for longer, right?

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