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Simple sanitising for men in 7 steps

Cleaning for menMost men hate domestic cleaning and they are sure that this is female job. There are some exceptions and sometimes it happens to meet a man who is trained to perform routine household chores. Mostly these are persons, who are taught to sanitise by their mothers when they were little kids. It’s just great to know such organised male creatures, because they will welcome you in a neat and tidy living area. There you will spend a good time together, without looking messy shelves and layers of dust.

This article is appropriate for men who are beginners in sanitising, but they do want to change something. If you live alone, check out this simple sanitising tutorial, where we have gathered 7 easy steps, appropriate for men:


  • Step 1. Here’s a little trick. If you really hate cleaning, import 2 pleasant things, while you do it and everything will change. For example open yourself a beer and play your favourite music on!
  • Step 2. Before the actual sanitising, facilitate your mission by removing all the unnecessary stuff like scattered clothes, socks and shoes all around the premises. Throw away the empty bottles and cans, left from the last party. After all, it’s much better to hoover the entire carpet without making zigzag movements.
  • Step 3. Vacuum clean all carpets and rugs thoroughly! If you possess some decorative rugs, rely on carpet dry cleaning, conducted by experts in the field. It’s recommended to hoover the areas behind and under the furniture and under the bed, if possible.
  • Step 4. What’s next? Dusting the shelves and the other surfaces with appropriate cleanser which reduces dust and filth accumulation.
  • Step 5. It’s time for the living room. If you have gathered your friends there, maybe thorough disinfecting will be mandatory. Look around for crumbs, spillages, stains and empty packs of junk food. Remove all these uninvited guests via gentle wiping, vacuum cleaning and tidying up.
  • Step 6. Bathroom and toilet are important too, no matter if you live alone or not. It’s true that this cleaning job is unpleasant, but you can’t skip it. Disinfect toilet seat, bathtub, sinks, floors and tiles. If you find limescale, remove it with appropriate cleanser for bathroom. Bleach may be used, but be careful with this strong and toxic product.
  • Step 7. You’re almost ready. How to finish? Spray some air freshener after you leave the windows open for a while. Now, you deserve another beer! You can apply these tips when you have to perform your spring house cleaning too. Disinfecting rules are always valid, don’t worry!

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