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5 Big Ideas For Small Bathroom

Small bathroom tipsAre you having a small bathroom? Designing a tiny bathroom may seem a difficult and maybe an impossible task at first, but there are many  things you can do to make it more comfortable and functional. Moreover, the best thing is that you don’t have to do a home renovation. Home upgrade projects are very expensive and if the property is not yours and you live on rent, it doesn’t worth the bothering. However, you can check these useful ideas on how to create more space in your tiny bathroom.

  • Clean up the place. Your bathroom is already small enough, so you need to remove all items that stand on your way. Start with the shelves. Remove all items and make a list of those that stay and those that should go. Removing clutter will also speed up your future end of tenancy cleaning London.
  • Install smaller bathroom components. In case the previous property owner has installed bathroom elements meant for bigger bathrooms you have to do something in order to remedy the situation. Elements such as bathroom cabinets, sink, vanities, showers, toilet and other, should be replaced with their smaller versions.
  • Make sure everything stay as it is. After you are done cleaning and replacing the elements, you should consider the maintenance. Make decluttering every month, this will guarantee you the best results. One month is also the recommended period for London window cleaning services. What do you think about that?
  • Install additional shelves on the walls. You can’t do anything about the size of your bathroom, but you can do a lot about the storage area. Installing some cheap shelves on the wall of the bathroom will provide you with a lot more additional storage space.
  • Paint with a brighter colour. The brighter the color of the bathroom is, the bigger it looks like. You can experiment with colours like white, taupe, tan or pastel.

Of course, you have to be proactive and find storage solutions applicable for your bathroom. There are much more things you can think of.

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