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Optimal usage of your home space

Optimal usage of your home spaceIf you would like to achieve optimal usage of your home space in a simple way, then this article is for you. We have selected some clever interior solutions, which may come in handy – check them out:

  • Avoid everything that is too much, for instance, huge sofas decorated with large pillows. You might like them but still, there is furniture that is beautiful and multifunctional and at the same time occupies less space;

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The meaning behind your home wall colour

The meaning behind your home wall colourAny colour in the world has its own symbolical meaning. With your personal choice of some shade you actually declare a particular thought, you describe your dreams or you simply report your present mood. So, let’s see the meaning behind your home wall colour. It definitely says lots things about you – even things you couldn’t imagine!

- Red. This colour raises the premise energy by all means. With it, you can easily create an exciting, attractive and fascinating living space. Probably, you are a passionate person, who runs away from boredom and keeps looking for the unknown! Continue reading

The first four “moves” in your new home

Moving in a new homeWhen you move to a new house, you usually face a bunch of problems – pasting tubes, insulation, siding, flooring, painting and etc. You need to decide which room will be a kitchen or a bedroom and so on… Small homes, for example, require some changes in order to be more comfortable and functional. What “moves”, however, need to be taken? According to us, it’s best for you to follow this scheme:

  • Step one – building works. This includes uniting balconies with rooms, pushing walls, removing redundant halls and etc. Be careful with the demolition of the walls, check which of them must remain mandatory. Or maybe you prefer to turn the house into a huge space with separate areas? To obtain such a separation, create different levels – for seating, for recreation, for eating. You can add screens, curtains, sliding doors;

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