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Winter is coming, make your home cozier

Winter is coming, make your home cozier It’s almost winter and you need to make home improvements? Concentrate on a fireplace image and see what you can do to transfer part of its coziness right in front of you.

    • Keep the cold outside. Start with the drafts from the door. Use draft stopper to put behind the door. It looks like snake that has swallowed rolled carpet. You can find them in the stores in different patterns. There are also special ones for children’s room – with animal head in the end and matching “body” coloration.

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Are you DIY-master?

Are you DIY-masterWho was the first DIY-master? Have you ever wondered about it? And do we have to take it like something very special when someone decides to build something on their own? Our ancestors have no other choice but to do everything on their own, so why it is so amazing today? Do you have the traits or the will to become DIY master? See for yourself what’s needed. Continue reading

Efficient tips for fixing 8 common lawn issues

Efficient tips for fixing 8 common lawn issuesKeeping your exterior horrible and skipping all the patio problems are top mistakes we do every day. And it is so easy to prove it! Just take a walk among your home town street and see the lawn of your neighbours! Then, see your own grass condition. Are you sure it is ok? Don’t you think that it is high time for you to deal with the lawn problems you have? For this purpose, see the following efficient tips for fixing 8 common lawn issues: Continue reading

If you have talent, paint on your ceiling

Paint on your ceilingCeiling is important for the overall look of your place. Attention of the owners is usually focused on the walls and their style. While ceiling can be the centre of attention. Most people paint their ceiling with white or pale colour. But this big space can be used to express owner’s artistry! Check out our tips in this line of thoughts: Continue reading

Staircase decorations you can do alone

Staircase decorations you can do aloneAre you bored from your stairs? Do you want to move them a bit? There are a couple of simple things that you can do without re furnishing the whole hall. And once you see these you will probably come out with more ideas. Now see what is meant here:

  • Ombre stairs. Use consecutive colours from one palette as much as your stairs are. If you have more stairs than the shades in the palette, paint them in groups, not one by one. This way you will keep the effect and won’t spend a day wandering around the paint shops. Use two types of brushes: small angular for the outer lines and bigger one for the filling.

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Fast home improvements

Home improvementHave you ever been in that place when you want to do something to feel better in your home but you don’t want to sweat and spend too much time to put the things in order or to dust furniture and to scrub floors? There are a couple of “fast” ideas you can use.

  • Add a piece of art: if you want just to refresh the atmosphere of your place you can add some artwork here and there – a vase with flowers or a couple of plates, some decorative pillows or series of pictures can give totally different look. Be creative! Choose a style and dive in it, no matter if we talk for 50’s glamour or belle époque charm.

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The first four “moves” in your new home

Moving in a new homeWhen you move to a new house, you usually face a bunch of problems – pasting tubes, insulation, siding, flooring, painting and etc. You need to decide which room will be a kitchen or a bedroom and so on… Small homes, for example, require some changes in order to be more comfortable and functional. What “moves”, however, need to be taken? According to us, it’s best for you to follow this scheme:

  • Step one – building works. This includes uniting balconies with rooms, pushing walls, removing redundant halls and etc. Be careful with the demolition of the walls, check which of them must remain mandatory. Or maybe you prefer to turn the house into a huge space with separate areas? To obtain such a separation, create different levels – for seating, for recreation, for eating. You can add screens, curtains, sliding doors;

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