Optimal usage of your home space

Optimal usage of your home spaceIf you would like to achieve optimal usage of your home space in a simple way, then this article is for you. We have selected some clever interior solutions, which may come in handy – check them out:

  • Avoid everything that is too much, for instance, huge sofas decorated with large pillows. You might like them but still, there is furniture that is beautiful and multifunctional and at the same time occupies less space;

  • Be creative – use every inch of the empty wall space to the fullest. A tall ceiling with elegant shelves will store not only your books, but a bunch of other necessary items such as accessories and decorations;
  • The secret of the contrast – the contrasting colour of one wall (compared to the others) also creates a sense of spaciousness and vastness of the space. If you live in a house rental, however, you should ask your landlord before you paint the walls. The good relationship with her/him is essential. So, when you move out, your biggest responsibility will be the sanitising of the whole house. For the best results, you’d better contact professional end of rental cleaners;
  • Invest in the living room furniture – we recommend you to pick the larger and low buffet. Its little drawers and showcases are a great hiding place for small, but necessary things that surround us in everyday life. The open parts of the buffet are an excellent place for your compact discs, beautiful statuette, vase or photos;
  • Choose small furniture which reflects light – the issue “too less space” will be solved by using large wall mirrors, as well as small glass tables and accessories around them. Undoubtedly, they create a feeling of a wider space while at the same time reflect and flow more light at the home;
  • The benefits of the round table – when selecting your dining table, the circular one is preferable to that with rectangular shape. Those of you who are familiar with Feng Shui know that the circle supports positive energy. What is more, the round table takes up less space, for sure;
  • White furniture makes the room seem smaller than it is. Yes, we know, everything white requires much more care and thorough domestic cleaning. In fact, all bright and soft colours do, but their effect on the interior is superb;
  • Organise a home divider – that is an ideal way to separate the room and retain a sense of freedom and space. In case you want an exotic interior idea, then you will definitely love the Japanese-style home divider.

Some people claim that if your home space is limited, creating a real comfort is too difficult task. In spite of that belief, however, you will see for yourself – our advices will make it easier for you.

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