The carpet – a friend or foe?

The carpet – a friend or foeCarpets are as traditional and regular for home as the furniture. Very few of today’s modern and modest living spaces are with no rugs. No matter how hard some interior designer keeps saying us that carpets are old-fashioned, this is yet everything else, but not the real truth. As a matter of fact, carpets might be always on fashion. The point is, though – whether the carpet is a friend, or foe. Which is more – the benefits or the shortcomings? Find out now, because every story has its two sides, doesn’t it?

  • A friend, because carpet just looks great! No one can actually disagree that a rug can change the entire interior design. We should agree with this – carpet is really friendly, when it comes to redecorating, too.

  • A foe, because the carpet today is not very cheap. The good, qualitative and original rugs today aren’t the most budget-friendly home improvement goods. Of course, you can always make a compromise, but eventually a low-cost carpet may become expensive for maintenance later!
  • A friend, because it is an extra heating isolating method. The more layers on a floor you store, the warmer your feet will feel during the winter season. Plus – a rug may save you some money from the electricity or other heating consumption bills.
  • A foe, because a carpet absorbs dust. Dust is something you cannot find forever. Even the most expensive dry carpet cleaning procedure will not stop the heaping of bacteria inside the fibres.
  • A friend, because carpet protects natural floor. Let’s face it – carpet sanitising is easier and cheaper than floor restoring, right?
  • A foe, because carpet brings problems in a tenement. A landlord can be truly annoying about his extra precious carpets. This leads to giant efforts during the traditional post tenancy cleaning procedure for you. You need to struggle for perfect results of the carpet sanitising, if you really want to get your tenancy deposit back!

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