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Traditional techniques in carpet cleaning

Traditional techniques in carpet cleaningAchieving domestic tidiness and neatness is not a simple mission. Actually this is a classical mission and target, that most contemporary housekeepers manage every single day. You have to be diligent, careful and the most important – persistent. Thus you will reach the wanted home perfection and coziness. Last, but not least, you must have an eye for details.

For instance carpet cleaning is a standard sanitising task, demanding cleaning efforts and time. You must not put up with stains and filth and skipping carpet disinfecting is not recommended. In fact your carpet is the favourite place of dust mites and different bugs. Its hygienic maintenance is crucial in order to achieve home cleanness and freshness.

Learn more about some traditional techniques, applied in carpet cleaning and be informed on this topic:

  • Steam carpet cleaning procedure – it’s performed by experts in the field via specialised machinery. Steam-heat extraction is preceded by pretreatment of persistent and visible stains and comprehensive hoovering of the rug. Then comes the injection under high pressure of hot water and efficient cleanser. The extraction eliminates all the grime and germs along with the water.
  • Dry cleaning system – steam and dry sanitising, they are both carpet cleaning methods, applied by professionals. Dry disinfecting method is based on special biodegradable detergent, which looks like bran. Its function is to attract dirtiness and bacteria. Final vacuuming leaves the carpet in impeccable hygienic condition.
  • Other important principle is to start with stain removal and then to proceed with general carpet cleaning. If it is needed, repeat the procedure and finish with disinfecting.
  • One of the new standards is to rely on eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning products. Strong chemical detergents may cause structural damage and wear. Dangerous fumes may be also released and inhaled by the members of your family.
  • Follow the wash-mop-and-dry cleaning procedure or count on expert home cleaners London. They will do all the necessary sanitising actions and final results will satisfy you.
  • Whatever you do, don’t leave the carpet fabric too wet. The residual humidity may cause mould, bad odours or even infection.

Standard methods in carpet disinfecting are tested and proven. However, you can also apply non-traditional sanitising techniques if you’re well-informed and you feel sure in your capabilities.

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