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Important features of every Italian home

Italian styleLuxurious, chic and glamorous – that is what Italian interior style is. If you want to get close to the Mediterranean atmosphere from the comfort of your own home, then you should be aware of some essential details. We have summarised them for you:

  • Amplify the feel of Italy, by adding to the interior curtains in pastel colors, crocheted bright tablecloths and elegant brass lamps. Bright marble is typical of the Mediterranean style. Of course, the marble columns in the flat are absolutely irrelevant, but the exquisite figurines and vases are very good addition to your interior. Open spaces are a significant feature of Italian homes as well. They will bring lots of daylight inside;

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Would you choose jet black for your home interior?

Black accents in your home interiorMost commonly, the black colour is associated with darkness, fear, depression, etc. But that is not the right point of view! Black can cause positive emotions as well. The most important is its rational use, as well as the correct combining with other colours. Would you choose jet black for your home interior? If yes, then take a look at our pieces of advice: Continue reading

If you have talent, paint on your ceiling

Paint on your ceilingCeiling is important for the overall look of your place. Attention of the owners is usually focused on the walls and their style. While ceiling can be the centre of attention. Most people paint their ceiling with white or pale colour. But this big space can be used to express owner’s artistry! Check out our tips in this line of thoughts: Continue reading

How to use the ladder in the interior design?

Ladder decorating ideasContemporary interior design ideas adopt different weird things to make your home more attractive, artistic and original. We have come up on some really fascinating, decorating ideas that involve real ladders. Some of them, on other side, are quite practical to be used since they give you an extra storage solution, too.

See how to use the ladder in the interior design and get more of your interior – make it look like a home of a really creative person. Besides, these tips will help you put the ladder somewhere at home – in an adequate way – without wondering how to accommodate all your things in a small living space: Continue reading

The carpet – a friend or foe?

The carpet – a friend or foeCarpets are as traditional and regular for home as the furniture. Very few of today’s modern and modest living spaces are with no rugs. No matter how hard some interior designer keeps saying us that carpets are old-fashioned, this is yet everything else, but not the real truth. As a matter of fact, carpets might be always on fashion. The point is, though – whether the carpet is a friend, or foe. Which is more – the benefits or the shortcomings? Find out now, because every story has its two sides, doesn’t it?

  • A friend, because carpet just looks great! No one can actually disagree that a rug can change the entire interior design. We should agree with this – carpet is really friendly, when it comes to redecorating, too.

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Saving space through organising

Saving space at homeOften we have problems storing our “material history”. The piles of books, clothes, CD’s, pictures, postcards usually don’t get smaller in time, just the opposite indeed. No matter how big is our home, some more storage space is always welcome. How to find it without taking down walls?

  • Look around you for empty angle – although it may seem useless there are many things you can do with it. Special pieces of furniture are designed for these parts of the room – angle closets, cabinets and so on. If you don’t think to refurnish you can put plant, vase or standard lamp. All depends on the space and what you need in the room.

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