Micro suede couch cleansing solution

Micro suede couch cleaningSoft and cosy, elegant and so universal to be matched with different interior styles, the micro suede couch usually positions as a main accent at home. Of course, it conquers the living room, but even by placing it in the corner of the bedroom or in your personal cook-and-relax spot in the kitchen, the suede sofa will bring you the same dose of comfortableness and pleasure. See our suggestion for maintenance method and use it to cleanse the micro suede couch:

- Before using our cleansing solution, read the manufacturer’s instructions. There might be a specification for your own micro suede couch treatment. Make sure you consider it and you will not ruin your furniture.

- Go to the store and see if there are any special offers or promotions of micro suede dry solvents. Usually, these products are quite expensive, so do not hope too much.

- If you cannot find an affordable and yet efficient commercial sofa cleanser, make your own! Get a large vessel and fill it with lukewarm water. Then, pour few drops of your favourite dish washing balm. Fill a spray bottle with part of the mixture and start shaking till you see foam.

- Begin spraying the micro suede couch. Do not pour too much water. You know very well that suede may damage of too much water. As a matter of fact, during the moisture-based domestic cleaning process at home, you may exclude wood and plush things, too.

- Start wiping the couch with circular motions. Remember that in the beginning parts of the furniture will look darker. No matter how small amount you put into this washing process, a little bit humidity will appear on the suede couch.

- If you see some stains – mainly greasy or mud – you may remove them with ordinary alcohol. When you do it, repeat the previous procedure and then, let the couch dry. You can turn on the vent system and open the windows, too. If you find it too hard for you, ask the local expert cleaners for help! They will be glad to assist you.

Ok, now you can finally sit in your lovely micro suede couch and feel like the master of your home again!

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