Perfect hygiene in the toilette – mission possible

Perfect hygiene in the toiletteSanitary premises are the key priorities in keeping a home fresh, bacteria-free and clean. Though, there are still people, who believe that perfect hygiene in the toilet is difficult to be achieved. Probably, they just don’t know how to do it, because, as a matter of fact it is a total mission possible. By using our simple and budget-friendly guides you can do it, too – have the sparkling, sleek and fresh toilet at home!

  • Give your toilet deep and thorough treatment at least once per 2 months. Use commercial detergents with toxic-free ingredients and always air the premise.

  • There are two drinks a toilet loves and the bacteria inside it hate! Firstly, you can speedily clean the toilet up by pouring 1 litre coca-cola and then flashing the water. Secondly, the hang-over healing drink – Alka seltzer disinfects just finely! Place two-three tablets inside the toilet, wait for half an hour and then scrub the dirtiness off.
  • Weekly toilet treatments are also recommended. They will keep the toilet in a top hygiene for a longer time. Due to the frequency of this toilet procedure, use green cleaning products that will not harm the marble or the ceramic surface. Refresh with white vinegar, which you can mix up with some essential oils, too.
  • Don’t make compromises with stains. The easiest way to eliminate a toilet spot is using the formula borax plus lemon juice. Apply, wait and then wipe!
  • In some cases, toilet stain might become an obstacle for reaching the perfect hygiene. Here is where you need to use experts for help. There comes a time, when professional carpet treatment can wait and have some huge toilet disinfection instead.
  • Never forget to clean the plastic elements of the toilet seat, as well as the tiles around it. Thus, you will maintain the item cleaner and the bacteria will not spread!
  • In tenancy cleaning, the perfect hygiene of the toilet is mandatory. Keep in mind that the inventory check is usually focused on the kitchen, the bathroom and the toilet!

Every mission is possible – all you need is more motivation and willing to do it!

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