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Silverware easy cleaning with aluminium foil and salt

How to clean silverwareSilverware is stylish and classy, everybody likes it. When you serve your dinner in silverware, the feeling is really special. Actually when it comes to silver plate, this reminds me Christmas time when I was a kid. My mom was a great cook and in the Christmas eve she served the dishes in her shiny and elegant silverware. These moments were really precious for me and for my entire family. It was much more delicious to eat with brilliant silver plate.

When I inherited this cutlery, I noticed that it has become a bit darker. Therefore I made a research and I found easy and efficient techniques to return the flawless glossy condition of my valuable silver plate.

Check out my methods and apply the too:

  • My secret is based on two simple components, that may be found in every kitchen – aluminium foil and salt.
  • Firstly, place one layer of aluminium foil in the bottom of a bowl, then put your silver cutlery inside. Take some salt and spread it over the silverware, then comes the hot water, that must cover completely the silver plate.
  • A few minutes later, you will observe the first gorgeous results. Your silver will be brilliant again. It’s better to leave the cutlery in this solution for a couple of hours for stunning outcome.
  • The answer of the riddle is hidden in the provoked chemical reaction between salt and aluminium. There is a way to enhance the interaction by adding some baking soda. Try it and you won’t regret it!
  • People who own silver plate have to take care of it and remove the black layers every once in a while. There are some toxic detergents for this purpose, but the natural recipe, described up above is also efficient and affordable solution. Here is a good advice – include silver polishing in your occasional one off cleaning session. Thus, you will have impeccable domestic area and glossy silverware in the same time. Maintaining silver plate and random deep sanitising are conducted in the same time period – once a month. So, it’s good to combine them, right?

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