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Safety tips for window cleaning

Safety tips for window cleaningThere are so many housekeepers across the entire world, who prefer to wash and tidy up at home on their own – without using extra pro help and without even relying on experts. Well, there is nothing bad in this. On the contrary – there is something extra nice and attractive in the living modesty in this so high-tech world. Though, there are yet things a housekeeper should follow according to the experts’ recommendations – the safety tips! Without them, they may injure themselves or damage some house item. Speaking of these, see our pro safety tips for window cleaning, because they are really important and essential: Continue reading

Backpack cleaning supplies for a back up

Backpack cleaning suppliesOk, you might be not the most assiduous housekeeper of all times, but at least you need to be finely equipped for all kinds of situations. This may be quite enough, as a matter of fact, and you will be able to maintain a decent and neat living space. You will be able to react if a stain occurs and you will have enough tools to reduce the mess, when the tidying up process has been recently postponed. Though, for this purpose you need a backpack cleaning supplies for a backup. See what to place in it: Continue reading

Micro suede couch cleansing solution

Micro suede couch cleaningSoft and cosy, elegant and so universal to be matched with different interior styles, the micro suede couch usually positions as a main accent at home. Of course, it conquers the living room, but even by placing it in the corner of the bedroom or in your personal cook-and-relax spot in the kitchen, the suede sofa will bring you the same dose of comfortableness and pleasure. See our suggestion for maintenance method and use it to cleanse the micro suede couch:

 Before using our cleansing solution, read the manufacturer’s instructions. There might be a specification for your own micro suede couch treatment. Make sure you consider it and you will not ruin your furniture.

Go to the store and see if there are any special offers or promotions of micro suede dry solvents. Usually, these products are quite expensive, so do not hope too much. Continue reading

How to clean gold

How to clean goldMaintaining your golden jewelry clean is extremely simple. Although gold does not darken like other metals, it may collect dust and lose its luster. Don’t delay sanitising it anymore, take advantage of the following tips:

Mix soap and water – believe it or not, it’s possible to clear the gold with soap and water (only!). This method is quite successful for jewels that are smooth and without any inlays. Prepare a small bowl of warm (but not hot) water and put a little of dishwashing cleanser. Place the jewelry in the solution for 20 minutes. Then rinse and take a dry cotton cloth to dry the jewel.  That ‘trick’ will help you clear all ‘traces’ of daily wear (cosmetics, etc.);

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How to remove ink from clothes

How to remove ink stainsNobody likes spots on the clothes – that is for sure. But sometimes, no matter how much you are careful, spills just happen. Some of the most common ones are caused by ink.

We have selected several effective methods for removing them, take a look:

Cleaning ink spots on white cotton and linen fabrics – fresh stains from almost all types of inks (on any kind of white cotton or linen fabrics) could be removed with a solution of 125g bleach and 10l water. After that, rinse the clothes with some water, mixed with vinegar and then with pure water;

Cleaning ink stains on coloured fabrics – spots could be cleaned with a mixture of 20 g 95% pure alcohol, 20g ammonia solution (10%) and 20 ml distilled water.  Remember – first of all you need to check whether the dye would not be affected by the action of ammonia; Continue reading

Home overhaul and cleaning afterwards – guidelines and tips

Home renovation and cleaningHome repairs are the worst nightmare of many housekeepers all around the world. Maybe you have survived at least one reconstruction process in your life and you perfectly know the entire chaos at home. The deeper the overhaul, the harder the cleaning process afterwards. After the renovation procedures, all you see is a construction site. There are remains of glue, plaster, stains of paint and industrial dust. The windows are hazy, because of the dust layers, the toilet and the bathroom premises are repulsive. Actually, the only way to get out of this tricky maze is to undertake thorough sanitising session. In order to help you with the checklist of tasks, here are some valuable guidelines. Follow them and discover the real beauty of your renovated home area:

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Dish washing machine – do you really have to buy this thing?

Dish washing machineModern world offers customers numerous types of kitchen appliances. They are specially designed to make your life of housekeeper much easier. All tasks are executed faster and with less efforts from your side. Let’s discuss one of the most tedious and boring household chores – washing of dirty cutlery. This task has to be performed at least once per day and sometimes a pile of dishes makes us lose our smile. There are numerous pros and cons concerning the purchase of dishwashing machine. Is this really needed or it’s just a whim? Check out our arguments and decide for yourself:

You need dish washing machine, because:

– The biggest argument for purchase of this appliance is that this way washing of dishes is more economical. If you’re thrifty housekeeper you will want to save water either. Using this kitchen appliance will help you about that.

– Dishwashing machine is a real time saver. These days, time is money, so it’s great if you can save some time for yourself or for your beloved people. In other words domestic cleaning will be easier and faster if you possess this gadget. You have just to load it and you have no obligation to watch it while it’s working. Continue reading